Sri Shivarathreeshwara Nagara, Bannimantap, Mysuru

Centre for Balanced Complete Denture Prosthesis and Neutral Zone

Centre for Balanced complete denture prosthesis and Neutral Zone is equipped to provide care for patients with the entire dentition missing and also associated structures of the maxillae or mandible. On an average, a normal individual makes masticatory tooth contact only for 10 minutes in one full day compared to 4 hours of total tooth contact during other functions. So, for these 4 hours of tooth contact, balanced occlusion is important to maintain the stability of the denture. The centre has access to resources such as operating room, laboratory and variety of highly specialized instruments. It is one of the specialization where completely edentulous patient comprises realization of bilateral simultaneous tooth contacts at the same time. Bilateral simultaneous contact help to seat the denture in a stable position during mastication, swallowing and maintain retention and stability of the denture and the health of the oral tissues.

When patients cannot undergo an implant over denture therapy due to medical and dental contraindications, the neutral zone technique provides an alternative, time-saving, and relatively simple way to obtain a favourable result. The neutral zone technique for denture fabrication has an advantage that it stabilizes the denture with the surrounding soft tissues, instead of being dislodged by them. Retention and stability of dentures are greatly improved, especially in the severely atrophic ridges.

Especially the elderly have both greatest level of need of prosthodontic service. Age is not a contraindication to complex prosthodontic treatment so patients with advanced age will appreciate the aesthetic and functional advantages. Thus, modification to standard procedures within the limits of medical, functional and psychological status can make the treatment success